Fear Of Motivation

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Motivation seems to be very sought after these days. And truth is… it is worth it. Because this is what gives us the energy to pursue our dreams, to work on them day after day after day and to achieve what we want. Who in their right mind wouldn’t want that?

The recipe for Motivation seems quite simple too. Find a Vision that inspires you. Focus on it and it will drive you to Act.

To put it even simpler Motivation is WANTING SOMETHING.

But this is where the problem appears. When you ask most people what motivates them, the answer is very often “I don’t know”, sometimes followed by “I wish I could find a Vision that would motivate me”.

I have been in this situation myself for a long time. And even when I thought I had found what I wanted, the energy it gave me slow faded and the once so inspiring vision failed to get me out of bed a couple of weeks later.

And this is the result of a very simple but subtle mechanism.

It might sound silly, but if you think about it, Wanting implies committing, deciding and acting. And this implies the risk of not achieving what we want, the risk of feeling like a failure, the risk of being judged. The risk of PAIN.

And to avoid this pain, we slowly learn not to WANT. We unconsciously develop a FEAR of WANTING.

Not Wanting is much safer and comfortable. It allows us to stay in our comfort zone and avoid facing failure or being judged. But in the long term, it is a deadly trap that prevents us from developing and contributing anything unique. It leads us to a boring life where we only allow ourselves to consider the safest options.

Don’t get trapped in this dull place.


Take a risk, even if it is a small one. Decide to want something that you usually wouldn’t dare to. Act on it. Achieve it. And CELEBRATE your success.

Even if you don’t achieve the result you were expecting, celebrate what you learned during your trial. And congratulate yourself for DARING.

Once you complete this cycle, DARE to WANT something bigger and go for it.

You will start travelling on a new path that will connect you with a Stronger YOU.


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