Frustrated at work? Try this

Have you ever felt you work wasn’t recognised? That your experience, competence and contribution were not valued?
Doesn’t it make you feel frustrated?
If the answer is Yes, I have some bad news for you.
It is going to get worse…
unmotivated employees
A study called “Bad is stronger than good” found out that usually, what we consider to be bad news affects us 5 times as strongly as the good ones.
But that’s not all. Researchers also found out that while we tend to receive consecutive good news in pretty much the same manner, the bad news have a cumulatively negative effect.
That means that if your level of satisfaction is dependent on the recognition you receive from people around you, it is much more likely to get worse than before with every situation where your contribution is not recognised.
The effect of this dynamic is terrifying.
Time after time, I see smart and capable people close themselves, and stop contributing to those around them because of  someone didn’t recognise or like their work.
There is some good news though.
You can choose what you base your satisfaction on.
For this, you only need to change your mindset.
You need to become an Entrepreneur.
– What are the characteristics of an Entrepreneur? you might ask…
– Very good question. Thank you for asking :-)
What distinguishes an Entrepreneur from a normal employee is that the Entrepreneur
– knows that success is not immediate and it might take many trials to succeed
– treats set-backs and criticism as if it was feedback for improvement
– constantly explores how his interests can contribute to the people around him
– and most importantly, doesn’t let other people’s recognition or lack of it define him. He gives himself his own validation
When you adopt this mindset, your satisfaction stops being dependant on other people approval or recognition.
It only depends on your own alignment with your Priorities and Values.
It also doesn’t matter if you are working as a freelancer or if you are an employee who is part of a bigger team that is part of a huge organisation. There will always be opportunities for improvement and innovation you can explore.
A friend of mine (let’s call him G.) was a simple member of a larger team, but he liked analysing “results”. Every time he had a free moment, he would be exploring the software used by the company and extracting new in depth statistics on results delivered by the the team every day, week, month…
At some point, his manager noticed the utility of this data. This became one of G’s official tasks. Soon, he was giving advice and training to other teams on how to do it.
After a year or so, as the company grew, these statistics needed to be done on an always larger scale and with more and more accuracy and meticulousness. A new team was created who would monitor the quality of work of more than 500 people.
Who do you think had the most experience in doing it?
G. naturally found himself in charge of that team.
The funny thing is that he wasn’t looking for recognition. He was only combining his own interest with delivering something useful for his team.
Of course, I am not saying that you will get a similar result every time…
But if the main motivation of your actions is external recognition, you are in for a big disappointment.
Become an entrepreneur instead.
Start today.
1. Explore the possible overlap between your own interests and what has value for those around you.
2. Take one action in that direction.
Keep taking one small step every day and you will notice how your work gradually becomes more gratifying.
Another side-effect is that you will be constantly developing your skills and acquiring new strengths.
your own race
And who knows… you might even get a good surprise at the end 😉

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