About me

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I am a training consultant and coach.

My passion is to promote a more Effective Collaboration within and in between Teams to allow them to deliver a higher level of value to the organization and its customers.

In the last 7 years I have been focusing on identifying and implementing changes that help organizations, teams and individuals to create more constructive dynamics and be able to reach and express their full potential.

As a corporate trainer I have delivered diverse company wide projects such as improving the quality of customer service and driving employee engagement, supporting a Leadership Development programme for young managers and participating in developping a Responsible and Ethical Management programme aiming at promoting emotional intelligence, conflict resolution and effective communications skills and reducing the amount of disputes and grievances in the company

I combine my experience in Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming with my Engineering background to ensure that all concepts I teach are refined to their simplest and most practical form, thoroughly tested and explained in a clear and logical manner. These concepts are then used as coherent building blocks in order to leave you with a solid and simple structure you can easily apply outside of the training to specific situations.

I lived in 4 countries and since 2008, I have been delivering soft skills training, workshops and talks in multicultural environments in England, France, Spain, Germany and Portugal for companies such as Colt Technology Services, Scytl, ClientLogic and Barceló Congresos.

I am also an experienced member of ToastMasters International, an organization with more than 280.000 members worldwide dedicated to promote and develop public speaking and leadership skills and have delivered workshops at several European conferences.