Connect With Your Customers workshop

Customers are at the heart of every business and delivering them an outstanding service is the job of everyone in the company, whether by facing the customer directly, or providing a service to those who do. But very often, the daily repetition of our duties can put us into a state of mind similar to that of an assembly line. The interactions become routine and the service suffers.

This often translates itself into behaviours such as:
– Performing our duties grudgingly
– Doing the bare minimum
– Pessimism and negativity in our daily interactions

These behaviours can in turn have a strong impact on customer satisfaction and retention, as well as on the company results and reputation.

In order to deliver an outstanding service it is not enough to know how to perform our duties.
Customer Excellence requires us to have
strong communication skills to handle effectively daily interactions
– a deep understanding of the dynamics that drive customer satisfaction and trust
– a solid motivation to go the extra mile day after day after day

– Higher connection with our inner motivators
– Higher capacity for solving conflicts and building lasting relationships
– Stronger communication skills

– Personal Motivation
– Experience driven insights
– Challenging limiting beliefs and expectations
– Interactive group dynamics
– Positive feedback

– Definition of a hierarchy of personal Values and Motivators
– Alignment of personal priorities with those of the team and of the customer
– Tools to uncover our customer’s most important needs & priorities, and to maintain our best attitude even in stressful situations
– Discovery of the most important dynamics needed to increase Trust in our relationship with the customer
– Definition of specific personal actions to accelerate our personal growth and improve our
– Practice of effective communication skills integrating all of the above concepts

– 6 to 12 people

– 8 hours
– or 4 modules of 2 hours

– English
– French
– Spanish

– In-house
– Organised by client