Personal Power and Effectiveness seminar

“Perfection is a destination, Excellence is a journey.”
“Excellence/Perfection is not a destination, it’a journey that never ends” – Brian Tracy
Sometimes, without realising it, we end up settled in a routine we didn’t choose.
It could be a routine of feeling frustrated, a routine of not being able to face all our commitments/fronts, a routine of not having the opportunity of giving our best. A routine of apathy, resignation, resentment, impotence.
It can be a comfortable routine or not, but in all cases it leaves us with a bitter aftertaste of “I wish some things could be different” and “I wish some things could be better”
The Personal Power and Effectiveness workshop/seminar will help you to identify those areas of your life/routine that you can improve.
You will learn ways of reclaiming your power in those areas, and align them with your own values.
We will work through unconscious blocks and assumptions that prevent you from making the progress you want.
You will leave the workshop with a specific roadmap/process allowing you to steadily and constantly improve those areas in the future
You will also learn specific tools that will support you on your journey. Tools that you will be able to apply yourself to resolve obstacles that might arise in the future.
You will leave the workshop with a new routine that will keep evolving in the future in order to support you on your personal path and your path in the company.
A routine of personal growth, a routine of transforming your situation for better, a routine of motivation, a routine of personal power.