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007 Agent Of change

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

We can all see what doesn't work as well as it could in our organizations, but very often, when we try to change how things work, we encounter a seemingly unmovable obstacle: the inertia… the strong tendency of our company to continue to function as it has until now and its resistance to any attempt to modify its course. This pattern often leads us to experiment strong frustration and demotivation and often give up on our well intentioned efforts.

This talk (in Spanish) I gave at the CAS 2016 (Conference Agile Spain) offers some practical guidelines and tools to deal with most frequent obstacles to our efforts and progressively introduce changes in our environment.

We would prepare the transformation of our organisations as we would prepare a military campaign:

- Choosing our battles wisely, exploring the terrain and building alliances

- Gradually building up inertia

- Building supporting systems that will allow us to maintain our efforts in the long term without burning out or going crazy ;-)


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