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Public Speaking and Presentations Skills​

We often associate Public Speaking with Fear, with what our audience might think of us or how comfortable we might be when speaking in front of a large number of people.

But this  lack of Public Speaking skills has a much stronger impact on our organization and on our capacity to collaborate effectively.

Not having developed presentation skills within our teams or organization will often result in

  • people not being clear on the team or company direction as it is not clearly communicated

  • a lack of engagement and teams not supporting improvement initiatives as they don't understand their importance or relevance

  • opinions not being expressed because team members don't have the confidence to speak-up

The capacity to present our ideas effectively is essential in order to obtain effective collaboration in our teams and organization.

It allows us to have more clarity and transparency in our communication. To align our coworkers behind new ideas and encourage them to take action. To generate more healthy discussions where all opinions have the chance to be expressed and considered so better decisions can be taken

Two factors are usually limiting our capacity to present effectively. The Confidence to speak up and give our best in presenting our ideas, and the Competence to shape a compelling message, convincing arguments and a catching narrative.

In this workshop, we will work on both these aspects by learning how to:

  • Structure our presentation for maximum impact

  • Craft the most persuasive arguments that support our position

  • Inspire our audience to take action

  • Manage our level of stress and anxiety and control our body language

  • Increase our perceived credibility as an expert in the eyes of the audience

  • Build an engaging narrative

  • Effectively use visual supports to reinforce our message

  • Connect and interact with the audience

  • Create a stronger connection with the audience through the use of emotions and storytelling

If you think that these skills can be useful in your teams or organization, or if you have any related questions, don't hesitate to get in touch.


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